11 Knightsbridge Rd.

Owner: CAPREIT Ltd. Partnership

(Knightsbridge /Kings Cross Apartments)

In the heart of Brampton is the 3-building complex of 3 and 11 Knightsbridge and 5 Kings Cross.

In 2009 Tritan began the project by completing balcony repairs to both 5 Kings Cross Road & 11 Knightsbridge. In 2011 Tritan returned to the complex completing a garage rehabilitation project of the three connecting garages.

This project was completed in conjunction with
5 Kings Cross Road.

Scope of work:


  • removal and replacement of existing balcony railings
  • concrete repairs including; slab edge, top side, through slab, vertical and soffit
  • painting of all concrete, balconies, shear-walls
  • entire sealant replacement
  • masonry repairs


  • removal of overburden and waterproofing membrane
  • removal and replacement of expansion joints
  • concrete repairs including; top surface, through slab, soffit, vertical and ledge beam
  • installation of new floor drains and required piping
  • installation of heat tracing & insulation
  • installation of new waterproofing membrane, screening and asphalt topping
  • leak injections
  • painting
  • repair of electrical, mechanical, fire alarm and sprinkler systems